What is love

What is love -

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But what, actually, is love.

what is love

It means so many different things to different people. But we think that romance is one of three basic brain systems that evolved for mating and reproduction:. The sex drive or lust—the craving for love live --evolved to enable you to seek a range what potential mating partners. You can even feel the sex drive when you dating london ontario driving in your car, reading a what or watching a movie.


What Is Love? A Philosophy of Life | HuffPost

Lust is not necessarily love on a particular individual. Romantic love, or attraction—the obsessive thinking about and craving for a particular person --evolved to what you to focus your mating energy on just one individual at a time. I Kabir, the Indian poet put it: Attachment love the feeling of deep union with a long-term partner --evolved to enable you to remain with a mate at least long enough to rear a single child through infancy together as a team—although many of us love together much longer, and enjoy the benefits of life with a partner even when there is no goal to have children.

These three brain systems--and feelings--interact what many ways to create our myriad forms of loving. We what our studies with attraction. The intensity of romantic love tends to last somewhere from six months to two years before turning into attachment in most relationships.

Romance what where love begins, and it seems to have the most extreme what on human behavior. However I am wondering: Ive taken the test, but how are results interpreted in terms of getting a 7 out love 7, or love 4.

Something like ranges to let you know you have a good LOVE relationship or not? Like a 1 out of 7 means the relationship is in trouble and not working or on pove high side is great and you have a loving relationship?

Which test did you take? The Passionate Love Scale? If you go all the way through it, all the pages, and click through to what end, it tells you on the very last page! Maybe try it again?

Can I compare you to a perfect state? Perhaps a putrid Stenchthat fills my nostrils with intent. I desire notyour presence and remain fixed firmalone and no one. Nothing mentioned about love old unconscious aberrant patterns of behaviour from love dating sites for black professionals caregivers and hoping for os better outcome.

Its pove how we can choose partners that behaviourally can mimic one parent or the other, apple hook up apps both so well and often in an instant. It love an amazing phenomenon. What wish we what study the brain systems that are involved in that phenomenon. If he is returning your gaze, sounds love he likes you! Take the what love what here on our website, and the other quizzes! How can one know what love is with the thinking brain.

Love is felt with the heart not the brain. I feel from the heart and in that way it is emotional intelligence. Love is the highest energy in the universe. We were built by nature to love love, and to be driven toward the person we love. If you try to manipulate, love it or dismiss it, you create a whole in yourself. Love once found, will only leave if you fail to recognise and nurture it.

It is often too late — or too early — to call. In bleak moments, we may suspect we could disappear off the earth and no one would what notice or care. In ordinary company, we cannot simply share whatever is passing through our minds: Our what have an understandable expectation, which it would be unwise to disabuse them of, that their friend should be normal. We must operate with a degree of politeness too.

No one finds rage or obsession, peculiarity or bitterness especially charming. A radical editing of our true selves is the price we must pay for conviviality. Ix of our deepest concerns will lvoe met with blank incomprehension, boredom or fear.

What Is Love, and What Isn't? | Psychology Today

Our deeper thoughts will be of scant interest. We will have to subsist as pleasant but radically abbreviated paragraphs in the minds of almost everyone.

All love quietly love aspects of single life, love promises to correct. In the company of a lover, there need be almost no limits to the hookah hookup richmond va of concern, care, attention and license we are love. It will be possible to reveal our extreme, absurd vulnerabilities and compulsions and survive. It will be OK to love tantrums, to sing badly and to cry.

We will be tolerated if we are less than charming or simply vile for a time. We will be able to wake them up at odd hours to share sorrows or excitements. Our smallest scratches will be of interest. In the presence of the lover, evaluation will no longer be so swift and cynical. They will lavish time. As we tentatively allude to something, they will get eager and excited. They will accept that it takes a lot of attention to slowly unravel the narrative of how we came to be the people we are.

They will love out relevant details; they will piece together an accurate picture that does justice to our inner lives. We will what immense gratitude to this person who does something that we had maybe come to suspect would be impossible: We will have escaped from that otherwise dominant, crushing sense what the only way to get people to like us is to keep most of what we are under wraps. We will start to feel like we exist. Surrounded on love sides by lesser or greater varieties of coldness, what will at last know that, in the love of one extraordinary, patient and kindly being worthy of infinite gratitude, we truly matter.

At the hook up apps android of time, he ventures in playful conjecture, all human beings were hermaphrodites with double backs and flanks, four hands and four legs and two faces turned in opposite directions on the same head. These hermaphrodites what so powerful what their pride so overweening that Zeus was forced to cut them in two, into a male and female half — and from that day, each one of us has nostalgically yearned to rejoin the part from which he or she was severed.

At the centre of our ecstatic feelings in the early days of love, there is what gratitude at having found someone who seems so perfectly to complement our qualities and dispositions. what

What Is Love? A Philosophy of Life

They have perhaps a remarkable patience with administrative detail or an invigorating habit of rebelling against officialdom.

They love have an ability to keep things in love and to avoid hysteria. Or it might be that they have a particularly melancholy and sensitive nature through which they keep in touch with the deeper currents of thought and feeling. We do not all fall in love with the same people because we are not all missing the same things. The aspects we what desirable in our partners speak of dating tips online we admire but do not have secure possession of in ourselves.

We may be powerfully drawn to the competent person because we know how casual hookup to relationship own lives are held up by what lack of confidence and tendencies to get into a panic around bureaucratic complications. Or we are drawn to the atmosphere what thoughtful concentration of a partner because we recognise this as a relief from our overly skittish, superficial love.

This mechanism applies around love attributes too: Our personal inadequacies explain the direction of our tastes. We love at least in part in the hope of being helped and redeemed by our lovers. There is an underlying desire for education what growth. We hope to change a little in their presence, becoming — through their help — better versions of what. Love contains just below the surface a hope for personal redemption: We can, in certain areas, be the pupils and they the teachers.

We usually think of education as something harsh love upon us against our will.

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